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Telephone contact and information unit [26/09/2007]

The telephone contact and information unit (CERT), contactable during CIVS office hours on (+ 00 33) 01 56 52 85 48, deals with queries from claimants on their personal case-files but also on any topic relating to spoliations suffered during the Holocaust.

It offers the services of a named contact. Inquirers are reassured by clear concise answers provided by the named contact on how processing a particular family’s claim is progressing or by an explanation of the procedures that are applied by the Commission.

This unit is also responsible for routinely relaying any new information provided by families (changes of address or telephone contact numbers, death of family members, the coming forward of new heirs and successors, etc.) to the departments concerned.

The correspondence with claimants maintained via e-mails also contributes to putting families’ minds at rest that their case-files are being properly and actively dealt with.

In addition, there is regular contact and exchange with associations, organizations and administrative structures such as: “Passerelles”, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the FSJU (Unified Jewish Social Fund), ONAC (National War Veterans Office), the compensation unit in the Prime Minister’s office and other miscellaneous associations for victims of the Holocaust.

These organizations are in regular contact with the unit to monitor processing of individual case-files which families have referred to them.

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