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Resulting from the Anti-Semitic Legislation in Force during the Occupation


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The Symposium on looted art in Bonn on 20 and 21 February

 The CIVS, the Institut français d’Allemagne and the Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Recht als Kultur” (University of Bonn) organised on 20 and 21 February in Bonn a symposium entitled “Looted Art: Provenance Research and Restitution Practice in Germany and France”.

This event was intended to present new institutional practices relating to research and restitution of cultural property looted by the Nazis, direct exchange between the participants, the creation of an expert’s network as well as the connection of research, universities and ministerial officials.

It was also intended to create a space for reflection grounded in the Franco-German context and to explore ways of transnational cooperation focusing on the following issues: the work of compensation and restitution committees, restitution practices, provenance research as a new academic focus and museums as spaces of memory.

See the Symposium Program here