Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation
Resulting from the Anti-Semitic Legislation in Force during the Occupation

Completing the form

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Namely: the form, downloadable, comprising the following documents: a questionnaire, a power of attorney and a proxy form.

Questionnaire and power of attorney

  • The questionnaire must be filled in so as to give the Commission the maximum amount of information: full particulars of the claimant and any other persons concerned by this spoliation, identity of the direct victims of the spoliation, nature and location of the assets stripped, any previous compensation paid by German or French authorities, etc.

It is not necessary to produce proofs of the spoliation to support the claim; the various CIVS departments will carry out the necessary archive searches.

  • The power of attorney must be signed. This authorizes the Commission to disclose all the information provided to the various different institutions concerned for processing the claim.

Proxy form

CIVS processes one file per family only, the claimant must complete the form(s) of proxy or have it/them completed:

  • if he is representing a member of his family or if he is being represented.

  • if he wishes to be represented by an organization or an association.

For the sake of processing files rapidly, please include the maximum number of heirs and successors in the claim (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.).

The proxy form must be accompanied by a photocopy of the identity papers of the person represented and of the parents’ Livret de Famille (family record book).

Example: you have a sister and the person who was spoliated (your father or mother) is deceased. If you assume responsibility for filing the claim, you become the principal claimant and your sister needs to give you a signed proxy form appointing you.

N.B.: if she is deceased, any children she may have become entitled as heirs and successors to her share on her behalf.

Other documents

It may be useful to enclose other documents with your questionnaire that could assist the investigation of your claim:

  • the family record book (Livret de Famille) of the direct victims of the spoliation,
  • copy of birth, marriage or death certificate(s),
  • official record of disappearance,
  • deportee card,
  • certificate of internment,
  • any document that might certify possession or ownership of the stripped assets,
  • any element certifying compensation already awarded.

It is not necessary to enclose the originals

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