Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation
Resulting from the Anti-Semitic Legislation in Force during the Occupation

Processing the case-files

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The various stages in the CIVS processing of a case file

Case file preparation

- Once the Commission has received the form, the Research Coordination Department ensures that it contains enough information for it to be examined. Claimants may be asked to provide further information if necessary.

Case file examination and archive-based research

  • The case file is then forwarded to the departments responsible for coordinating the necessary research:

In the case of material spoliations, to the Research Coordination Department, which will make the necessary enquiries with the various archive departments depending on the description of the spoliation provided in the questionnaire, including the national archives, the Paris archives, the Berlin archives, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC), etc.

In the case of bank-related spoliations, to the bank-related claims search team, which will make the necessary enquiries directly using the ‘Banks’ CD-Rom comprising the electronic files relating to blocked accounts and coordinate such enquiries with the various banks’ historical archive departments.

Case file investigation

  • Once the results of the research have been obtained the case is referred to a Reporting Magistrate who gathers claimants’ observations and produces a report aimed at the Deliberative Panel. This report details the circumstances, nature and evaluation of the spoliation and includes a quantified compensation proposal.

Presentation to the Commission

  • Case files are submitted by the rapporteur to the Commission (or Deliberative Panel) sitting in subcommittee (3 people) or in plenary session (all members, that is 10 people). This Commission meets in closed session.

Claimants are invited to attend, should they so wish, or to send a representative.

N.B.: for the purposes of accelerating the process, case files relating to bank-related and material spoliations may be examined by the Chairman of the CIVS ruling alone (link to the corresponding page), provided that they present no particular issues.

Recommendation and processing of payment

The Deliberative Panel formulates a recommendation that is submitted to the Prime Minister’s office for a decision to be made and payment to be processed.

In the case of recommendations regarding bank-related spoliations, this recommendation is systematically sent to the Unified Jewish Social Fund (FSJU) - the body responsible for administering the case file.

Personalised information

The Claimant Support Unit, which can be reached on (+ 33) 1 42 75 68 32, will be able to answer any general questions claimants might have and inform them of the progress of their case.