Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation
Resulting from the Anti-Semitic Legislation in Force during the Occupation

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Journalists, researchers and those who are simply curious will find on this page a series of links to institutional, information and audiovisual document hosting sites providing valuable resources in terms of history and current events with regard to anti-Semitic spoliations, compensation and restitution measures, and remembrance.

Works of art and MNR works

The Rose Valland site (France) : This site offers, on the one hand, a list of MNR works stored at French museums, and on the other hand, historical documentation comprising various reference works, a selection of French legal texts and major international conventions, as well as a page of links to French and foreign websites.
Rose-Valland site - National Museums Recovery (MNR)

A guide to research in archives listing and describing the various funds kept in France and likely to provide information related to the theft and the recovery of cultural property.

Looted Art

Lost Art

ERR Project

Commission for Art Recovery

Origins Unknown


National Archives (United States)


Occupation archives

Police archives during the Occupation online in 2015 – Le Figaro (in French)

Gestapo: “Les dossiers les plus intéressants ont disparu” (“The most interesting claims have disappeared”)– Le Point (in French)

Theft of works of art

Millions of works of art stolen during the Occupation: the great Nazi looting – Le Figaro (in French)

A register of works of art stolen by the Nazis available online – Le Monde (in French)

A Pissarro stolen by the Nazis will remain in Madrid – Le Figaro (in French)

Experts locate six owners of paintings spoliated by the Nazis – Le Figaro (in French)

Restitution of spoliated cultural property

A German returns to France a painting stolen by his father in 1944 (France Info) (in French)

Painting stolen by the Nazis returned to its rightful owner – Europe1 (in French)

Looting of works of art by the Nazis: 17th-Century painting returned to its rightful owner – La Dépêche (in French)

El Greco Looted by Nazis Returned to Owner’s Heirs – Observer

Austria. ‘Port-en-Bessin’ stolen by the Nazis now back in France – Ouest France (in French)

Bank accounts

Jewish accounts: initial assessment of the 1998 agreement signed by Swiss banks - BFMTV (in French)

The restitution of escheated Jewish accounts from an international public law perspective - Persée (in French)

Gurlitt Affair

Nazi treasures: ‘Deux cavaliers à la plage’ up for auction – Times of Israël (in French)

Gurlitt Collection: over 200 applications for the restitution of works – Tribune de Genève (in French)


France: An agreement on compensation for Holocaust victims is adopted - La Croix (in French)

Memory, history and testimonies

Ivan Jablonka, historian: “J’ai tenté de les libérer mes grands-parents de leur propre mort” (“I tried to free my grandparents from their own death”)- Télérama (in French)p

The Klaus Barbie trial - France Inter (in French)

Munich finally acknowledges its Nazi past – Le Monde (in French)

The first museum dedicated to Nazism opens in Munich – Direct Matin (in French)

Modest words from deportees on the radio - Télérama (in French)

Audio, videos, documentaries and cinema

Spoliated works

Nazi spoliation - Three miracle masterpieces (in French)

‘La Femme au Tableau’: fighting for the restitution of Nazi treasures (in French)

Culture Updated on 15 September 2014Inquiry in Geneva into paintings of uncertain provenance (in French)

The restitution of MNR works

The story of three paintings stolen by the Nazis (in French)

Gurlitt Affair

Some 1,500 works confiscated by the Nazis discovered in Munich (in French)

Sample of paintings looted by the Nazis (in French)

Internment and deportation


Drancy 1941-1944 - A camp on Paris’s doorstep (in French)

The Silent City (in French)

The Name of the 86 (in French)

The Second Life of the Camp des Milles (in French)

On the road… to the Camp des Milles (in French)

Struthof (in French)