Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation
Resulting from the Anti-Semitic Legislation in Force during the Occupation

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L’Office national des anciens combattants et des victimes de guerre

The means of reparation for orphans whose parents were victims of anti-Semitic persecution and died in deportation, established by Decree No. 2000-657 of 13 July 2000, are not within the scope of the Commission’s work; they are the province of the Office national des anciens combattants et victimes de guerre (ONACVG, national office of veterans and war victims).

The decree of 13 July 2000 concerns “any person whose father or mother was deported from France as a result of anti-Semitic persecutions during the Occupation and died after being deported.” That person “has the right to reparation under the provisions of this Decree, if he/she was below the age of 21 at the time the deportation occurred. Individuals who receive a retirement annuity paid by the Federal Republic of Germany or the Republic of Austria for the same reasons are excluded from the benefits of this Decree.“ (Article 1)

The reparation takes the form, as the recipient chooses, of compensation by a capital sum of €27,400.82 or a monthly life annuity, reassessed annually and set, since 1 January 2015, at €543.64 per month.

Additionally, French Law No. 85-528 of 15 May 1985 introduced the honorary mention “Died as a deportee,” which is entered on the death certificate of any person of French nationality or resident in France or in a territory formerly placed under French sovereignty, protection or supervision, who was transferred to a prison or camp covered by Article A.160 of the code and who died there. The same endorsement is made on the death certificate of a person who died during the transfer to a camp.

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