Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation
Resulting from the Anti-Semitic Legislation in Force during the Occupation

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The Claims Conference

The Claims Conference, an international organisation created in 1951, provides compensation programmes based on three funds.

1 / The “Article 2” fund. Those eligible are the Jewish victims of Nazism who were persecuted as such and who, in particular, were incarcerated in a concentration camp, imprisoned in a ghetto, in hiding or lived illegally under false identity or with false papers.

2 / The “Hardship” fund, consisting of a one-time payment of €2,556.46. Recipients are Jewish victims who suffered deprivation of liberty, fled from the Nazi regime, suffered a restriction of liberty (e.g. being forced to wear the Star of David) or were restricted in movement (e.g. curfew, forced residence).

3/ The “Child survivor fund” is for Jewish victims of Nazism, having been persecuted as such, who were born between 1 January 1928 and 8 May 1945 and were in a concentration camp, in a ghetto, in hiding or living under false identity/illegality. The compensation consists of a one-time payment of €2,500.

You can download the application form by clicking this link. The form must then be sent to:

Claims Conference
Gräfstrasse 97
60487 Frankurt/Main

For more information:

* The Claims Conference website:
* The CASIP-COJASOR Foundation, French partner of the Claims Conference: Telephone +33 (0)1 49 23 71 30